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Custom Wedding &
Event Design

We provide custom design services to fit every couple’s needs. With creativity and experience,  we will produce the event of your dreams. We will lay out a blueprint for every detail of your event that will meticulously walk you through our plan to fulfill your vision.

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Premium Event Decor Rentals

With our event rental services,  you will find every element it takes to organize a glowing event. From chair covers to throne seating,  every element can be accommodated.  Consult with our designers to find out how you can pair our services to meet all your event needs.

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Imagine your big day, surrounded by your closest family and friends.  You are looking stunning in the beautiful gown that has been preparing for this moment for months.  The expert photographer is quietly capturing your most endearing moments with you, your bridal party and loved ones.  The day has topped itself and it’s barely begun.


The ceremony is starting and the doors open for your revealing moment.  As they open,  your entry song plays as your favorite colors, textures, and hues sparkle around the intricately designed and decorated hall.  From the floral arrangements to the backs of your every chair, no detail has been left unattended.   Your eyes rest on your spouse who is patiently waiting in the front of the awe-inspiring alter set up to your specifications.  Tears roll from your eyes.  This is pleasantly it.  Your big day. The wedding has happened and it was breath taking.  


You can both finally breathe.  With great joy, you with your bridal party take striking portraits that will tell the story of this day for ages. Now, take a deep breath, refresh yourselves because the celebration is just beginning.


Hand in hand, you and your spouse await the announcement for your grand entry into the wedding reception hall.  The doors cascade open and amazement fills you.  Your vision, your requests, all customized and realized for you by Event Decor, Inc.  Floral arrangements, crystals, place settings, lights, and more are all sparkling in favor of your beautiful union.  Your family and friends are well taken care of and everything is in order for your enjoyment.

  You’ve danced, laughed, cried, and hugged.


As newly weds, you return to your honeymoon suite to find it has already been prepared.  A walkway of lavish rose pedals lead into the room.  Candles, your favorite champagne, and more awaits

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